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B DAY VLOG | Digital Nomad Day in The Life – Bangkok ตามติดชีวิตฝรั่ง

August 24, 2018

via IFTTT In this video we get some Bangkok street food, talk digital nomad life, living in Thailand, becoming New Rich, and how to have a career with more freedom. K’s Channel – Matt Laker’s channel – What are your thoughts & tips!? Comment below Give a Like ?if ya like. Give […]

BIRTHDAY PODCAST! How to Be a Millionaire by 29

August 23, 2018

via IFTTT What does living like a ‘millionaire’ mean to you? The reason I use the word ‘millionaire’ in the title, is that’s what most of us ambitious folks want to be, even before we know what we want to do in career/business… These conversations are the ones I wish i had sooner, to […]

Matt Laker Calls Me Out on Preaching the ‘4 Hour Work Week’ book… Scam or Legit?

via IFTTT The 4 Hour Work Week … What does it mean to you? More about Matt and how he makes $8k/Mo via Upwork: What is The “4 Hour Work Week” – My YouTube Playlist: My main takeaways of The 4HWW philosophy: – Use technology & outsourcing to automate the mundane tasks […]

Top 10 Budget Travel Tips ✈️

via IFTTT Top 10 Budget Travel Tips ✈️ Article: I know that some people just want to get the most BANG for the BUCK while traveling, and don’t necessarily want to travel for LONGER periods and MORE OFTEN … but if this IS the case, then I propose at the end, my favorite suggestion […]

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