Matt Laker Calls Me Out on Preaching the ‘4 Hour Work Week’ book… Scam or Legit?

via IFTTT The 4 Hour Work Week … What does it mean to you?
More about Matt and how he makes $8k/Mo via Upwork:

What is The “4 Hour Work Week” – My YouTube Playlist:

My main takeaways of The 4HWW philosophy:

– Use technology & outsourcing to automate the mundane tasks in your business and life. So you can focus on what makes you more money.

– Build a business around how you want to LIVE… Don’t let your business control your life.

– The goal in life is to live an exciting (aka happy) life. Think about what excites you, do more of that.

– Life is not just about making lots of money. It’s about living an interesting life and doing interesting sh!t too.


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What is The “4 Hour Work Week”:

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