Hotel Room Workout for Travel & Vacation, 10 minute ✈️

Hotel Room Workout for Travel & Vacation, 10 minute ✈️

via IFTTT People ask, How do you stay fit while traveling? Well it just comes down to, of course, you just gotta fuccin work out lol. And eat reasonably of course – don’t get it twisted. Some people say diet is even more important. I try to limit the number of desserts and junk food to only the special stuff – foodporn worthy stuff ??

I knew about the 300 workout back in high school days, but it just means do 300 reps of stuff, minimal rest, til done.

The most common thing i’ll do is:
25 Pushups
25 Air Squats
25 Situps
25 Russian Twists
/ 100

And do that 3 times.

Should take about 10-15 mins. And switch it up with variations.

The idea being… Keep It Simple. Minimal BrainWork required.

A la efficiency. A la 4 Hour Workweek. By the way if you want to travel more get that sh!t ?


What are your thoughts tips & ideas for staying fit while traveling!

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