How to Budget Travel & Make Daily Videos ?10 Questions for Drew Binsky! (133+ countries)

How to Budget Travel & Make Daily Videos ?10 Questions for Drew Binsky! (133+ countries)

via IFTTT I interview the LEGEND Drew Binsky! Follow for Daily Travel Videos!

Description: I met Drew the other day, and I ask him 10 Questions about Travel, his Journey, and his Life! Okay I don’t really ask him about budget travel tips here’ … but that’s why u gotta watch his videos! He’s got several videos about making the most of your budget while visiting several cities around the world.

Here are his Top 10 Budget Travel videos –

From my perspective, my take on “budget travel” is … if your goal is to travel MORE OFTEN, and for LONGER… e.g. for MONTHS at a time instead of weeks or days… the best way to do that is to have an ONLINE INCOME!!

Of course Drew can do this because he makes money thru his videos & brand! I simply don’t see LONG-TERM TRAVEL being possible without an internet income!

And by making money online / having an internet-based career or job, you can STAY in a foreign country instead of having to go back to a job! How do people make money online you ask? This is the mission of my new blog – to help people navigate the waters of getting into a location-independent career. Read my breakdown here! ▶️

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