Intern Contest – Join our Team

Intern Contest – Join our Team

Apply here! ▶︎▶︎▶︎

(Deadline December 31, 2017)

Sup guys!


Here’s what I’m thinking…

I would like to get help to build this channel and other social media for this brand…

But this channel simply is not bringing in the monthly revenue to ‘hire’ a team member part time…

(Oh but you make so much money with Amazon dude! … Well yes but, we’ve decided to keep that business separate from the content business… that’s in a separate bank account etc.. and all cash is being re-invested into products anyway, aside from our salaries….)

Amazon cashflow is like THIS… and Youtube is like this…. pales in comparison…. it’s not a lot. The only way this channel is making money is from my Amazon video course.. but it’s not a lot per month.. less than 1k…. and thats going to paying my current full-time vlog editor, and monthly subscriptions for all sorts of digital stuff.


I thought I’d put it out there to see if anyone is interested in working WITH me, on a value-exchange basis instead of money exchange.

Bascially becoming my ‘Intern’ … and receiving mentorship from me, and help and advice with whatever you are trying to do in life… and obviously the 2 specific ways that I make money are #1 Amazon Selling and #2 YouTubing… so i can provide special value on those fronts…. but I can also provide a lot of help and value in other areas as well…. online marketing in general… life advise… help getting started with your travel dreams etc…..

… the reality is, being in the online game 3+ years now… I could be doing a lot more business models to make money.. but it’s only ME! So I can’t because I simply don’t have the time to start other projects….

I’d also be open to an eventual channel revenue-sharing deal if we work well together….

The ways this channel makes money is the course. Plus a couple hundo a month from youtube views….

BUT I’d like to get the channel up to makeing thousands per month.

So let’s work together to come up with the best win-win ways to monetize this channel… offering new digital products, t-shirts, membership groups.. coaching groups.. travel guides.. etc etc.



And by the way, a couple people have already hit me up and said, Dude! help me get started.. I;ll work for you for free!..

.. So i wanted to post here because if they reached out, maybe there are more  that like this idea… so i wanted to give all subscribers an equal chance ..

It would be a 1-month trial period… remember, UNPAID! You are paid in value and mentorship and my ad advice ….. and personal association with me …. as they say – you are the average of the 5 people you associate with most…. me and Parket understood that 3 years ago , which is a huge reason why we knew it was good to take the leap of faith to go to the online marketing conference in Chiang Mai in 2014… (nomad summit is Jan 20BTW!)


Tasks will include

  • Video editing
  • Re-packaging content into more viral-potential type videos
  • Building the wordpress blog – getting more videos converted into good articles
  • Getting content on other platforms, like D-Tube, Steem, Facebook, etc
  • Building IG page
  • Helping come up with ideas to monetize,
  • Creating new digital products
  • Help run my course facebook mastermind groups
  • Help promote my course across the internet
  • Be active in my Facebook groups – private and public
  • Help with graphic design stuff, thumbnails and other dope shit to promote….
  • Desisn t-shirts for Amazon Merch

It could potentially lead to a paid position in the future, if you make it so I can’t live without your help…

… and potential ‘join the travel team’ position, come and live with us and travel the world with us – the TRAVEL SQUAD, if you will.


Apply here! ▶︎▶︎▶︎

And feel free to hit me up so we can chat more and u can ask further questions:

✔︎ Facebook Page

✔︎ Email [email protected]

✔︎ Instagram  – @rileypliez




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