Motivation to Quit Gaming (& start an online business)

Motivation to Quit Gaming (& start an online business)

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I want to share with you 2 stories of two young men. One is a success story.

Evan’s best friend:

  • Was a near pro BMX biker
  • Started gaming all the time
  • Now he doesn’t BMX as much and will not go pro
  • Graduating with college debt
  • Searching for a job

My younger brother:

  • Was a big gamer (Halo, Xbox etc.)
  • Visited us in Thailand and got inspired in 2016
  • Started an Amazon selling business on the side of his job
  • Now he makes $100k a year of passive income from his Amazon store
  • Has the freedom to work on his own schedule
  • Can travel as much as he pleases
  • Does not need a job.

Interview with my brother on how he started a $100,000/yr Amazon business with very little cash investment.

Who would you rather be?

Just some food for thought.

Riley in Chiang Mai, Thailand ✌️?

PS. Want some more motivation to quit gaming? This article has 20 Reasons You Should Quit Gaming

PPS. (Hilarious, so I just googled the term ‘motivation to quit gaming’ to look for more articles, and the #1 article (above) is on my friend Dan Western’s site, whom I had on the podcast on this episode. Guess how much he makes from his website? $500,000 a year. ?#quitgaming #startabusiness

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