*Reminder* – Don’t forget to sign up for Travel Insurance before you visit abroad

*Reminder* – Don’t forget to sign up for Travel Insurance before you visit abroad

TL;DR – On a real note, before you travel abroad, you NEED to get travel insurance – it will cover bills from unexpected illness & accidents & losses. Don’t be like my friend who was left with $8,000 in hospital bills from an unexpected illness because he had the wrong travel insurance! –> https://www.livinthatlife.com/safetywing-signup

Quick Story: My buddy in Canggu had a health scare with a kidney infection or something and his travel insurance didn’t cover it for some reason so he was left with thousands in hospital bills!

He went on to do a BUNCH of research to find the best travel insurance company to make sure this would not happen again!

Long story short, he concluded that SafetyWing was the best! He asked several nomads and found that they pay out the most $$ and more often than other companies.

So I’ve signed up and I really feel peace of mind knowing my ass is covered from the unexpected – and I have the best company out there!

AND it’s the best price out there at only $40/mo.

So before you travel abroad, don’t forget to sign up for the best travel insurance to cover your ass from unexpected illness & accidents! Have fun!😎🌏🌴
–> https://www.livinthatlife.com/safetywing-signup

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