How to make money online with Shopify–Aliexpress Dropshipping for Beginners

How to make money online with Shopify–Aliexpress Dropshipping for Beginners


I just posted an interview with John who makes BANK doing this. Basically guys, if FBA isn’t for you, I recommend you do this!!  I think it’s the next best way to get into E-commerce. It requires less than $1000 to start.


If you don’t know John Yoon of Verum Ecom, he’s built his youtube channel about Ecom to 50,000+ subs in under a year from his amazingly high quality tutorial videos. 


In this interview, John Yoon of Verum Ecom breaks down the keys to success


How to make money on Shopify with Aliexpress Dropshipping: Overview  


FB/IG Video Ads > Shopify > Drop Ship from AliExpress


  1. Find a trending product – on AliExpress’ trending page (just found out about this from his course) & using other tools he talks about (ideally sell for $30-60)
  2. Edit a sexy video ad – use existing clips + film your own at home. Or hire someone on Fiverr to make one.
  3. Create a Shopify store – and list the product it’s fairly simple with a high-converting template that is pretty much done for you. Shopify is only $29/mo.
  4. Blast Instagram & Facebook Ads! – Promote the video using John’s strategies! The bigger the budget the better but you get started with as little as $10/day and go from there. 
  5. Test, test, test – Try different videos, marketing angles, target audiences, and offers, until you find one that makes profit! Then, you can scale worldwide! For example, John scaled to $5,000 a day in ad spend making $8,000+ a day in profit from sales! Repeat for more products and you have a 7-figure business. This is what John is doing.
  6. Dropship the order – When the customer orders, it is fulfilled directly from the manufacturer on AliExpress (drop shipping). There is a plugin that automates this. This way you don’t need to buy inventory up front, which makes it such a sexy business model. 

What is the startup cost to get started?


I think you can get going with $500 – $1,000 USD set aside!


  • Shopify – $29/mo
  • Website domain & hosting – under $10/mo
  • Premium Shopify Theme – $89
  • Product research tools – $50/mo
  • Freelancer services – $100-500 (video editing, photos, filming, graphics, copywriting, store setup, etc)
  • Ad Spend – $300/mo minimum (the more spend, the faster your tests will go)

That’s pretty much it! Let me know other stuff in the comments.


In Summary: 


If you’ve been wanting to build an income online and Amazon is not for you, DO THIS! I know multiple guys who crush it with Aliexpress dropshipping.


Now, after much anticipation, he dropped an advanced Ecom course… he gave me access and it’s the most high-quality course I’ve ever seen… but the best part?


… It’s only $99.  Yup.  Just a hunnid bucks. (and he’s even offering a subscriber discount on top of that: coupon code LIVINTHATLIFE)


So if you’ve been wanting to get into the ecom game, you literally have no excuse now.  


Step 1) watch our interview. Step 2) get his course & get goin! [thrive_megabutton mt=”Check out the $99 Course” st=”Most advanced in the game!” color=”green” link=”” target=”_blank” align=””]


– Riley in Bangkok 


PS. Even if your first e-com product doesn’t take off, here are the High-Income and Highly In-Demand Skills you will learn in his course that you can monetize thru freelancing:

– Facebook & Instagram Ads (HOT)
– Listing Copywriting (HOT)
– Shopify Optimization (HOT)
– Email re-marketing (HOTT)
– Influencer Marketing (HOTTT)


PPS. There’s never been a better time to get into e-commerce than during this coronaconomy. Online shopping is booming and will continue to.

Check out the $99 course before the price goes up!

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