Top 10 Budget Travel Tips ✈️

via IFTTT Top 10 Budget Travel Tips ✈️

I know that some people just want to get the most BANG for the BUCK while traveling, and don't necessarily want to travel for LONGER periods and MORE OFTEN ... but if this IS the case, then I propose at the end, my favorite suggestion to make this possible ...

... have a career that can go with you! Aka a 'remote job' or 'work from home job' or 'location independent' career, or 'digital nomad' whatever you wanna call it.

Of course, just because you work from a laptop, doesn't mean you constantly have to move cities. But it makes it possible.

Bottom line is, if you LOVE travel and want it to be a part of your life, then this type of career is just great for that lemme tell ya! 🤪

I think u get the point yea?😎

If you are going down this path – see my article on the Top Online Business models that my digital nomad friends make money online with:


How to Get Cheap Flights with Travel Hacking – Fly Free Academy


What are your thoughts tips & ideas on budget travel and/or making money online!? Comment below

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