Travel Update 3/18 ??Bangkok Covid Situation, Amazon FBA Sales + Entrepreneur Motivation

Travel Update 3/18 ??Bangkok Covid Situation, Amazon FBA Sales + Entrepreneur Motivation

This is a blog post update on:

  • the situation here in Thailand
  • my amazon FBA biz update
  • what I’m working on right now
  • my overall thoughts on the situation

Ok here it is:
  • Amazon sales have dipped about 20% this past 10 days, compared to previous 10 days, which were normal.
  • Amazon announced yesterday March 17th that there will be no new inbound inventory to their warehouses for nonessential items until April 5. So if you’re gonna run out of stock, you’re unluckly.
  • Luckily we have lots of stock in FBA we’re good.
  • Our China supplier was back online about 10 days ago, and they shipped out even more of our inventory last week which arrived a few days ago.
  • Yesterday March 17th, Thailand announced closing of entertainment venues, nightclubs, massage shops. Pretty much all gatherings, like everyone else.
  • I’ve been working from this starbucks half the day and from my condo half the day. 
  • Ordering Foodpanda every day (green juice, healthy avocado chicken salads, etc)
  • I’ve been working out every day in my condo gym.
  • I’m still working on the same stuff
    • our new Shopify store site optimization
    • editing video ads for Instagram
    • updating my Amazon selling course for re-launch
  • What I’m thinking about:
    • many people will be hit hard, some more than others
    • This is just reiterating why all of us entrepreneurs are on the mission to build wealth thru building multiple streams of difersified income
      • physical products businesses
      • digital products businesses
      • services businesses
      • investments (stocks, currentices, crypto, baseball cards, art etc.)
      • Real estate (condos, homes, multi-family units, land, farms, etc)
    • I’m just thnking about how all of us can learn from this, like any challenge in life, and come out the other side, better, smarter, stronger. And more diversified and more prepared for anything.
    • Also, im thinking again about how precious life is, and reiterating how important it is to LIVE YOUR LIFE and pursue your dreams and do what you want, before you die. Because anyone at anytime can get unlucky and die. Game over. Don’t wait until you’re old to ‘retire’.  Go deep and figure out a way to start living a fun and exciting life, WHILE you’re building your wealth. They don’t have to be separate. Anyway, here I am preachin the 4-HWW and Lifestyle Entrepreneur bible as always. Because it just makes sense – if you CAN, do it. (Not everyone is as lucky to even have OPTIONS in live). We have so many opportunities and options in this modern age, especially if you’re from a western country – its insane how advantaged and lucky we are.
    • Also, i’m thinking about how this is kinda funny as a worldwide experiment in “Work from Home” / work remotely, which we all have been doing for years. I’m curious what percentage of employees will insist on going full-time or part time WFH after this lol. Or how many companies will keep this going lol. 
    • And of course, I’m thinking about if you are a long-time follower of mine and been WANTING to set up and online income / work remote situation, I just hope this kicks a lot of asses into motion. (Its been my part time JOB these past 5 years to kick asses into motion who are looking at this type of thing – I’ve never been trying to CONVINCE anyone that remote work & digital marketing is the shit, only help people who want it, to get there SOONER. So i hope this is the ultimate kick in the ass for a lot of you guys who have been putting it off, to START. NOW. 
    • And of course, this situation is a reminder that our own SUCCESS and WELL BEING is ultimately up to US, not the government, our our COLLEGE, or anyone else. 
    • Speaking of independence, this message might as well be sponsored by my OWN educational platform  – the NEW –  (that I created to break it down for you guys who ask me HOW to start an online business) – it features a course on Amazon selling for those who want to do that, and a course for Beginners who don’t want to necessarily sell on Amazon, but wrap their heads around all the options out there to earn an great internet-based living. 
    • Aight ya’ll, peace from Bangkok. I’m here waiting this thing out like everyone else. Stay sanitized, and leave questions in the comments and i might just answer them them if its in the first 24 hrs.

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