Cafes to Work at in Canggu Bali

Cafes to Work at in Canggu Bali

Cafes to Work at in Canggu

Rather, “Cafes I Worked at..”  So leave YOUR favorites in the comments!


Are there any 24 hour cafes in Canggu or Bali?

  • I couldn’t find any 24hr cafe to work at, so I joined Dojo Coworking space which is the only place to work 24/7 other than your hotel. I got their part-time membership (5o hours) for $83, so I go to cafes during the day, and Dojo at night.

How is the Wifi Speeds in Canggu / Bali?

  • It’s fine! They now have fiber optic connection on the island. Nothing like Thailand’s SuperWifi 100/100, but typical speeds at a cafe, coffee shop or restaurant are better than DSL, meaning better than 3/3… I’d say like a 5/5 might be typical, but some places like Oka cafe have 20mbps upload! I think it just depends on if the place has hooked up fiber yet. It not, its gonna be single-digit speeds, but if they do have fiber, up to double digits (download/upload).


First of all, the ‘coffeeshop scene’ is not like in Chiang Mai – where there are many actual ‘Coffeeshops’ that serve mainly coffee, let alone coffee chains, like Thailand has several, like TomToms, WakeUp, Wawee, BlackCanyon, Roastniyom etc., and countless non-chain coffeeshops. The only “coffee chain” I’ve noticed is Starbucks. Which is great in Canggu:)

Canggu is more of a ‘cafe scene’, where food is first, and coffee is second. Everywhere is an organic cafe, where you can get just coffee if you want, but the food looks to yummy that I always just end up having lunch and coffee, and hanging out for a few hours working there.

And for this reason, Dojo coworking space is pretty packed in the day. So, if you’re coming for an extended period, I’d definitely sign up, it’s a cool place. And if you have to work late nights, it’s pretty much the only option haha.

So let’s cover Dojo real quick. It’s also has an organic cafe lol.

Dojo Coworking space

Membership only: they have different tiers. Currently I’m only ‘working’ here for 3 weeks so I bought the 50 hour plan, and I go to Starbucks or a lunch cafe in the daytime for a few hours, then hit Dojo in the evenings, and I love it! When I come back for another month I’ll do the same, probably with the 100hr plan.

50hrs/mo: $83

100hrs/mo $130

Unlimited: $195

Wifi: 40/40 mbps, AC: yes there’s 3 AC rooms. During the day it’s pretty full though.




Machinery Cafe

AC: Yes! Small but has green juice and wraps! And of course bomb salads and smoothie bowls and such.

Double digit wifi speeds. Wifi pw: STARTYOURENGINE


Crate Cafe

I got a fire Salad for $4 (55k) I couldn’t even finish. And ice coffee for like $3 (40k)

Lots of extra crates to sit at around the sides.

Wifi speed: 11mbps down / 3mbps up




Vida Cafe

Got a fusion ice tea for $2.40 (33k)  with ginger and some flower power. Fire. Plus all the organic bomb food and coffee of course.

Wifi Speeds: ?


Metta Cafe

Wifi speeds: 50/13


Deux Ex Machina Cafe

Big, lots of seating at this open air restaurant. Salads, Burgers & more from $4-5-6. Breakfast including breakfast burrito that looked bomb before 12pm. Also live music at night time.



Oka’s Cafe & Bakery

Spacious upstairs, full healthy food menu as usual. Salads from $2.77 – $4.00 plus everything else. Fast upload speed!

Wifi pw: 22345aabcd

AC: Yes but it’s still open air. Not cold.

Oka Cafe Canggu, Bali


Oka Cafe Canggu Bali Menu with Prices


Starbucks Tanah Lot

I call it “The Secret empty Starbucks!” I’ve been here a few times – several inside tables with AC.  Always pretty empty, compared to the Canggu Starbucks with only one big table upstairs which is always full in the daytime.

About 20 mins ride from heart of Canggu. Open til 9. Good upload speed!


Starbucks Canggu

20/20 Wifi! An upstairs with one big conference table – that was filled both times I went. AC of course. But there are other low-tables (“coffee tables?”) up there – aka put your laptop on your lap seats. Plus outdoor balcony seating but as always, hot AF.



Closer to the beach! Which means a bit higher food prices, $6-7. But only $2 for coffee (30k). They have AC units but only fans were on. Decently cool.



Cocomo Canggu Menu


Rustica Cafe

Main road in Canggu. Wifi: 20/4. AC: no

Breakfast all day tho – got this fire omelette with coffee included for 50k ($3.64).

Rustica Cafe Canggu – cafes to work at




Green Spot Cafe

This is right next to Dojo Coworking space, and the wifi is great, 20/30.

AC: No


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