Editor & Filmmaker Contest! ? ? ? ✈️ for Livin That Life YouTube Travel Channel

Editor & Filmmaker Contest! ? ? ? ✈️ for Livin That Life YouTube Travel Channel

The time has come. To level up. To follow in Jubril’s footsteps. He recently did this contest and we suggested we do the same. So here it is!

Jubril & his film crew. It’s time to get on his level 🙂

We want to hire an Editor AND a Videographer to travel with us and film for Youtube.com/LivinThatLife (almost) every day and help us take this thing to the Next Level.  Maybe 2 separate people, but if you can do both, perfect.

I’m thinking a 1-2 month internship trial period with a small $500/mo stipend. We’re not on the level to pay for a full time ’employee’ yet. It’s just an internship.

  • Editing and/or filming 5 videos a week (avg 5 hrs per edit x 5 = 25 hrs per week)
  • Including daily Travel Vlogs (Casey Niestat x Gary Vee style), plus interviews, mini docs & promotional content.
  • Opportunity for a full-time paid contract after the trial if things go well, and opportunity to come travel the world with us full-time in the future.

Ideally we want someone to come TRAVEL WITH US NOW and FILM & EDIT daily!

Priority will be given to anyone who can COME TRAVEL WITH US and do the daily filming as well as editing – IF you are location-independent and can pay your own expenses. We are not on the level to pay for someone’s full-time expenses yet.

But lots of people have expressed interest in this so – just for the excuse to travel – to join a group of awesome people and have some priceless experiences with us – in exchange for helping us make videos while gaining experience.

And the opportunity for paid work after the trial period, and to build your skills while LIVIN THAT LIFE!

But keep in mind you would still be working for us pretty much full-time and will be needing to edit 5 nights a week, so many times we will be going out at night and you will have to be back at the hotel or cafe editing.

What we need:

  • Two videos you have edited personally
  • One video introducing who you are why you would be the best fit for this position. The point is to see if we like you, so feel free to include what music you listen to, your passions, any funny travel stories, other skills you have that you can bring to the table, etc. )
  • List your equipment. Computer, editing program & video/audio gear and accessories. Ideally you have a camera but if you don’t we can use my Canon G7X.

livin that life filmmaker contest

Priority will be given to those of you who are Location Independent and can come join us on this trip to do the filming AND editing – that would be awesome and ideal – we would make so much dope content together and explode this thing  – it would be insane. And be part of starting something great.

But still apply if you are interested in just editing remotely from home 5 vids a week for $500/mo starting out – as we may not find the right person to travel with this go around and may just hire a remote editor. Or maybe we’ll bring a filmer with us and hire a separate remote editor! Not sure! Just putting it out there to see what might work!

I will send finalists some of my raw footage – and our favorite edit will win.

Send your entries to [email protected] !!

Also feel free to hit me up on FB for questions! fb.com/rileygbennett – send me a msg.

Talk soon,


Our rough travel schedule: 

FEB 17th-19th – Bangkok

FEB 20th- March 4th – 2-3 short stopovers in TBD Countries en route to Medellin.

MAR 5th-15th – Medellin, Colombia

MAR 16th – 31st – Puerto Rico.

April – Could be anywhere!

It’s possible to meet us anywhere! ASAP! Let’s go!


  • Doron Dill February 13, 2017

    Holy shit! just left you a message on facebook right now pertaining to this kind of thing and now I see this!!!! I am not ready for when you would need me, but I am ready in October for anything and I already have a semi passive income, with even meager dog scraps tossed my way from you guys I would be straight!

  • Zeb Greentree February 19, 2017

    This is awesome! I love what you do. I showed this to my dad and he thinks it’s right. I was bought an Amira and a tripod and a handful of prime lenses for my 24th when I dropped out of Film School cos they weren’t on the same wavelength, and just use it playing around, you know, cars and bikes and at home, but my parents are real cool about me going away. I’ve got Adobe and a really fast Mac. Could I bring my drone? This is so exciting! What do you want in a showreel? I made an ad for my dad’s car business?

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