Freedom Summit 2019 Notes

Freedom Summit 2019 Notes

Freedom Summit 2019 notes – Chiang Mai Thailand

Michael Baptise – High Ticket Products

  • all it takes is the right factors of perception to sell a high ticket product
  • what is a high ticket product?
    • a real life business solution that has a high real value and perceived value
  • 1st create a product
    • identify a problem
      • dating.. earning more.. health.. (these are top 3 desires)
  • 2nd market the product
    • the price is about the perceived value
    • A) Problem —> B) Solution
    • Systemetize it all 
      • put together a funnel
      • squeeze page to get their email in exxhcnge for some value
        • pdf, webinar, etc. 
        • actually SOLVE the problem for them on the free piece
          • give away content thats high in value
        • then they will want to learn even MORE to get the details 
      • I tend to sent someone to an application, which pre-sells them on why they should buy,
        • then to a scheduler, to schedule a call
        • then to a REAL DEAL page, which is all social proof – shows you are the real deal
          • gather all your testimonials and case studies, pics with celebrities
        • then do the consultation call: dont hard sell them
          • the majority of the work has been done: they are either ready to buy, or want to know the next steps
        • Silver Platter Solution: then you will DELIVER the solution on a silver platter
      • I have clients ive been working with since 2014 .. its a marathon
  • 3rd – have the mindset to sell for high ticket
    • if you’re not helping people solve that problem, they will continue to suffer and not get to the next level!

Andrew Ramirez – – social media coaching, author of Shopify Flipping

  • i built sites and sell them. I sold for 42k
  • i work about 4 hrs a day
  • i have a client that pays me 10k/mo to do their social media, I outsource to college students
  • Sales TEC
    • Trust
    • Energy
    • Confidence
      • i have a mentor i pay 3.5k a month for one 2hr phone call
        • we talk about business, numbers & growth
      • “i dont DO digital marketing, I just sell it to people and get other people to do it”
      • My customers want to see me once a month… “hows your kids? Great.
  • Phone sales
    • all about that charisma: being yourself
    • control your state – get pumped up before
  • Handling Objections
    • 1. Acknowledge
      • build rapport
    • 2. Dig — ask Why
      • “i understand you think the price is high… if you don’t mind me asking, what about the price makes it seem too high?”
      • “I dont understand why its gonna make me more money?”
      • “Why you dont understand why its gonna make you more money?”
      • You are figuring out how to help them
    • 3. Amplify
      • Helping them remember why they called you
      • “Look Jason, who are you using for digital marketing now? you could keep doing that or…”
    • 4. New Idea
      • Bringing them Solutions
      • “Let’s do this. We do some video ads, and its on my dime. If we get results, whaddya say we start working together?
      • “If I do that for you, what do you think we should do?
        • (if you do this right, they will ask to call)
        • Use: “Does that sound fair?”
        • look into doing SMMA for dealerships — they have a good marketing budget.
  • Auto10x Coaching Course
    • over 60 hours of video training on ecommerce, social meida, and video production
      • “Eat your own cooking.” = do the things you offer. 
    • 5 Live 1on1 video calls with me ($497 value)
    • Opportunity to work together on future products
      • (i just have a student a bowling alley client for SM)
  • * don’t send Proposals, send AGREEMENTS. Get a phone call and a meeting.
    • ** don’t sell on Facebook, get Leads from facebook
  • Jordan Belfort – my friend works with him. I talked to him at a wedding.  Get his book Straigtline Sales
    • Help people know they need to be wold
  • Build Teams
    • this is the skill you gotta learn for Freedom
    • start thinking about how you can set yourself up

Pam Pormentilla – Outsourcing –

  • We provide a team for business owners to work with
    • Speak Your Mind
    • Show Up
    • Be Confident
    • “Dont compare the Sun to the Moon. They shine when its their time”
  • How to create Freedom?
    • identify the freedom you want freedom from
    • identify the workers to do those tasks
  • make a list of tasks you hate or dont like doing
    • email, social meida, basic inquiry, researching…
  • tasks you dont know how to do
    • design, editing, bookkeeping etc…
  • tasks you know and feel you shouldnt be doing
    • socials, project management, editing video, etc.
  • Build a Team
    • Project Manager – manages the below people
      • VA
      • Graphic / Web Designer
      • Video Editor
      • Social Media Specialist
  • “Don’t be the bottleneck in your business – learn to outsource!”

Douglass Vermeeren – “World’s Top Passive Income Coach”

  • ‘The mind is the most powerful tool you have to create wealth’
  • “the more choices we feel we have the more power we have”
  • quitting smoking example in the audience:
    • #1 thing: look at your value system
    • #2: discover what the triggers are
    • #3: a friend / accountability partner. (or measurement tool)(trying to do it by youself, you’re just not that strong)

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