How to use Facebook to build 6-figure Amazon FBA Business
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How to use Facebook to build 6-figure Amazon FBA Business

This post is a detailed summary of Scott Voelker’s (How I use Facebook to help build my 6 figure Amazon FBA business) video – for the few people who aren’t familiar with Scott, he is the founder of

The issue presented is that many people complain about the constant change of rules in platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Amazon etc.

In fact, these changes cost people their businesses overnight.

The truth of the matter, these platforms are not your business, they are just a medium in which you exploit and run your business on. The idea is to take advantage of the resources that exist, and not depend on it.

In this summary blog post, I cover his detailed roadmap briefly about how Facebook should be a traffic source, and more about the importance of Email-List building and how it fuels Facebook, and grow to a bigger number of subscribers.

Basically, the main problem is:

How to avoid Facebook recent change without “Paralysis by Analysis”

*The recent change: Facebook started to show less of your content UNLESS it’s going to be directly between friends. This restricts marketers’ posts (fan page posts) to reach organically to the targeted audiences.

Now, the mediums are always changing and whether Facebook exists in 10 years or in case something else comes by and disrupts the giant “Facebook”, as a marketer you ought to be ready to adapt.

And here I don’t mean to start over, but rather you have to be systematically ready to adapt to another new medium, and it could be the NEW Facebook or maybe shifting to other platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

In the beginning, In order not to be overwhelmed, It is important to start with one channel, and spread awareness to your BRAND. What’s more, this idea is overlooked all the time when starting on Amazon. You don’t want to be jiggling yourself using many platforms and end up losing every endeavor. Therefore, master one platform and move on to the next with a firm hand.

Choose a niche market, build a brand and Email list, and then match it with products.. this way you’re not just hacking one of these platforms (I mean here specifically facebook) to sell… ALWAYS Remember that changes are inevitable and so these shortcuts aren’t the solution. You need to build a foundation so that you’re not vulnerable.

In this roadmap, Scott refers to smart marketers as the ones who build brands, Email-list; these are huge assets that you can continuously direct traffic to and from them.

Ultimately, you need to build an email-list even before having any products. Teaser: I am going to write a summary article about detailed methodologies on how to build Email-List at a later time, so stay tuned, and subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss out.

Nevertheless, some information related to Email-List building is explained here in this article to have a comprehensive understanding.

Warning! As you walk down the article, track every step back to the diagram 2.0 for clarity.

A sustainable system to maintain Amazon FBA Business

Below you see a simple diagram of how you feed your Website/Blog (BRAND) with your subscribers to essentially drive prospects to your PRODUCTS. Notice Email-list building is not going to be part of this article, and so we are going to go with the assumption that you already have an Email-List….

Explanatory steps for the diagram 0.1

  • Email-list subs built (shown in a future article)
  • Launch a product
  • Feed subscribers your website “Brand”
  • Drive those people to your products on Amazon.
  • Boost sales on Amazon
  • Get ranked, and sell organically.
Diagram 1.0: Your online Biz assets

Now, how Facebook is used to support our system shown above to build 6-figure income in Amazon FBA is laid down in diagram 0.2.

Diagram 2.0: Your Biz Plugged into Facebook

CONTENT POSTS (Facebook Fan page posts)

Diagram 3.0: Email-List feeding Content posts on Facebook

The right steps to use Facebook via content post:

  • Create a Facebook Fan Page
  • Create an engaging content –
  • Content that triggers many comments.
  • Now, we can’t wait for people to find it
  • Instead, Drive own Email-List to the posts
  • This encourages sharing & reacting on contents
  • More people will see it organically
  • give reasons for people to sign up for your list such as giveaways, prizes, useful, and entertaining information.
  • This drives people back to your BRAND (Website/Blog) & bring awareness and sell more.

In other words, after creating an engaging content, you send your Email-List to your Facebook content post (interactive post with lead magnets such as a prize or contest), then obviously interested audiences raise their hands. these targeted audiences are sent back to the Email-List bank which is usually pushed to the website. As result, this will provide more exposure to the brand and, therefore, more leads, and more people purchasing.


  • Run a contest
  • Need to find out what your market is enjoying?
  • What do your targeted audiences want?
  • Example, fishing niche, you can offer a fishing package with different components!
  • One or two or three of these components can be your own product/s.
  • Bring people back to the contest where they can sign-up to win the grand prize
  • New subscribers.


This is the most exciting piece of the puzzle. Although organic reach is valuable, However,

  • you should not care as far as your content is displayed on someone’s feed or Facebook live (when it comes to advertising).
  • you should not care if two people watching your content or none (when it comes to advertising).

Here is why? Once you publish content, you can create an Ad using that content;

  • if this content is really good and valuable
  • then, take that content and run Ads to people that are in your market (targeted audiences)
  • The Ad will also drive them to an email opt-in [building your email-list] to win something or receive valuable information.
  • The content could be turned into an Ad or an Ad that is about giveaway, gifts, or 50% deal off coupon.
  • Continuously driving people to your Email-List (Facebook is a traffic source, and you have to tap into that)..
  • Then lead them to your brand and potentially sell them more products.


Say you have one product, and that one product has an insert or it has packaging that has a link to it.

This insert says something like “hey for more tips” or “to enter our monthly contest” go and sign-up.


Clearly, everything is coming back to Email-List.  In return, it fuels your business without depending on Facebook all the time. This list drives sales, brand awareness, etc.

Now, if Facebook goes away;

  • you can plug this into YouTube
  • you can plug this into Instagram
  • you can plug this into Pinterest etc.

Ultimately, you want to build an Email-List that you own and can control, and potentially nurture them to more sales.

Tips on your Email-List: send at least one Email every week; it could be a recap of all things you posted.

Issue: people get hung up on “what possibly can I post every week?.”

Solution:  become a reporter in your market, find things that are helpful in your market and then share them. That’s it.

In short, we have together looked at 5 things to build a brand:

  1. Email-List: a valuable asset for growth and sustainability, boost organic reach on Facebook, drive them to your brand and then to your products.
  2. Content: Interactive content that spikes a variety of reactions and comments to drive traffic to your brand.
  3. Offers: to get people’s email addresses, you have to offer value, price, or as simple as valuable report/information.
  4. Products: establish good sales velocity and get ranked higher in Amazon
  5. ADS: Maximum reach and Email-List building

Finally, focus on building your market (your E-mail-List, your Brand), eventually, you can monetize the best way possible by bringing in an educated plan to serve your audiences. Your business is your Hot market, is your clients, not YOU or the PRODUCT you feel passionate about.

 P.S. all reporters don’t have all the tips and tricks in the market he’s/she’s serving, they find people who do and they report about it.


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