Advice to a Teenager – How I Would Start an Online Business from Scratch
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Advice to a Teenager – How I Would Start an Online Business from Scratch

This is a summary breakdown of a video that Scott Voelkner did on The Amazing Seller about how he would advise his son to start an online business from scratch in 2018. Here’s the video.

On with the summary! Comment your thoughts & ideas below!

1. Create a Youtube channel

You want to figure out the most valuable skill that you are possessed with, use that skill to create tutorial videos and ultimately you want to upload those videos on Youtube.

Youtube is a search engine site just like Google but in video format, and there are millions of people who go on Youtube everyday to look for information or to watch tutorials on how to do this or that.  

Let’s say you are really good at editing photos using Photoshop, what you can do then is to film a serie of photo editing tutorials for beginners and upload them on Youtube.

What you are trying to do here is to build an audience around you, a network of people who are really interested in the niche that you are giving the information on, and later on you can use this group of people as your direct source of traffic for your upcoming products or brand.

Youtube holds a large amount of audience so you should definitely need to tap into that market audience to gain more traffic to your brand.

2. Make Great YouTube Tutorials

Create a playlist of related videos on Youtube and at the end of each playlist, try to hook your audience up for more special free videos when they enter their email address.

Let’s use Scott’s son as an example in this video. Scott’s son is a professional basketball player and he’s been training with people for a while. As he’s reaching toward the end of his video of teaching people how to dribble the ball, he can hook his audience up with a free offer such as: “If you want to learn more of an advance technique such as the cross-over or the behind the back dribble, click the free link below to find out”.

Now in that link, Scott’s son will ask his audience to enter their email address in order to receive the free special training videos that he talks about. Eventually, you want to use this method to build up an email list for your brand.

3. Build an Email List

By using the method above of creating free training videos, you will be able to build an email list consisting of a group of people who are really passionate about your brand or your niche, that you can use as direct traffic later on when you try to market your new products.

You can even use this email list that you build up and sell it to bigger brands in the niche market who are in need of more traffic for their brands.

4. Offer Affiliate Products

As you are building up the momentum, you can offer other people’s products as an affiliate that associates with your Youtube channel.

Let’s say your Youtube channel is about photography, you can go on Amazon, find a suitable product for your niche, such as cameras or lenses or tripods, and then include an affiliate link in your videos. That’s how you can make money using free traffic on Youtube.

The cool thing here is you can start making money but at the same time, you can discover what people in your niche market really want, and you can use this to build your private label product later on.

5. Create Your Own Products: Physical, Digital or Service

By doing product affiliate, you are testing the market and at the same time, you can be researching potential products that you eventually want to sell.

You should see what products are selling good and what products aren’t selling so well, and so you may come up with a new product to replace the current ones that your competitors are not offering; or you may bundle them together to differentiate yourself from the market.

6. Build Relationships!

Always reach out to the creators who are in the same niche as you and become friends with them because in 1 or 2 years, their channels may be bigger than yours so you would want to create a network around those people.

Also, you should try to build a good subscriber base on Youtube because in the long run, your subscribers are your direct traffic source and they will help spreading your channel out if they feel the gap between you and them is close.

Build a Discord group. Invite your followers to join.

7. Build a Blog/Website

Create a home base where you can take all of your youtube content and embed them into a blog.

Once you create a website, your content will be displayed on Google as well and by then you will have the free traffic brought to your brand from two of the biggest search engines, Youtube and Google.

What online business strategies are you working on? Let me know below!

8. Build a Tiktok & Instagram Page

This is a no-brainer for anyone looking to make a splash online. Just follow the basics and post good stuff. Engage, be real, and your community will grow over the years.

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