The Wrap Master Burrito Story ? Chiang Mai Food Truck to Franchise in 1-yr! Talk w/ the Co-Founders
Chiang Mai Thailand

The Wrap Master Burrito Story ? Chiang Mai Food Truck to Franchise in 1-yr! Talk w/ the Co-Founders

Wrap Master started as a food truck in April 2016, and quickly became known as the ‘best burrito in Chiang Mai’ .. and for some people (mush as myself) the best burritos / Mexican food they’ve tried in all of SEAsia.

One year later in April 2017 they had the grand opening of their first franchise restaurant in Maya Lifestyle Shopping mall, arguably one of the best locations in the city.

I did a video on the foodtruck last November, so when I saw it was in Maya now, I had to do a follow up vid, and get the story as well.

So I was walking to do a short video of the restaurant and interview with Goff the creator of Wrap Master, and I ran into the customer-turned startup investor Saco, a friend of a friend of mine out here in Chiangmai. He is an tech entrepreneur and investor, and huge fan of these burritos (as we all are;).

I’d say for any ‘startup’ restaurant franchise, this was definitely a good one to invest in. The closest thing I’ve had to chipotle since being outside the states. And dare I say even better 🙂

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