My Post-College Rant – Why You Need To Create Your Own Dream Job
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My Post-College Rant – Why You Need To Create Your Own Dream Job

My Post-College Rant – Why You Need To Create Your Own Dream Job

After graduating college, I have been on quite the rollercoaster. Where to work? Where to live? Most college students expect their college education to get them a job immediately. This has been far from the case. With many entry level jobs being in the sales force, most graduates spend time searching for anything other than having to cold call all day just to make some sort of income. Not to mention most of these jobs don’t have a salary – they are ONLY commission based.

What if you had the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world and be mobile? Would you accept the job offer? Well, that is up to you to create that job offer. You have to find your passion and go with it!


Photo of me and my business partner along side my man Jublee, treating us to beers atop the Ska Bar treehouse (in a 100 year old tree!), the local reggae beach bar he co-owns with another homie named Alex, in Kata Beach, Phuket, Thailand.

Most likely there are many other people in the world who share the same passion, who would love to read about how to create their own dream job, ONLINE.  It’s just a matter of finding that online community, and we did. The key to getting started? Get online, create a website, and write about your passion! This doesn’t have to take more than an hour every day, and could eventually turn into income. Of course, we knew nothing about making money online, so we enrolled in virtual internet marketing school, and you should too.

The problem with most people who want to make money online with blogs is they give up after a month or two and believe it is impossible to make money from a blog. This is very untrue. There are many successful bloggers who started in the same position and worked their way to making a sustainable monthly income. One of the blogs that I follow and believe is a great example of someone chasing their passion is Location 180.

“If you’re going to start a company, there’s never been a better time. It’s never been easier and it’s never been cheaper to do so. Every company today is basically an Internet company and all the things you need to build an internet company today are free.” – Matt Barrie, CEO of

The hardest part of starting a blog is figuring out what to write about. From my research, the best way to accomplish this is to start writing a little bit every day about whatever you learned that day, or whatever cought your attention.  Could be an article, a video, or a TV commercial.  Share your thoughts and opinions, poke fun, relate it to your life, tell a story, whatever.


The more writing you do the better you will become at it and the more natural it will feel. What is my passion? My passion is traveling – learning about other cultures and experiencing it, hands-on. Luckily, my business partner has the same passion, and we have experienced crazy places together and understand what the world has to offer.


Photo of me in front our villa in Phuket, Thailand.

WE WILL NOT BECOME TRAPPED. We have our EYES ON THE PRIZE. LIVIN THAT LIFE is about chasing our dreams and eventually turning them into a reality. Please feel free to follow our blog on our way to FREEDOM!

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There is so much more to come!!! I’m fired up!! ARE YOU? Check out this blog to understand how to be LIVIN THAT LIFE in the near future!

*Here’s to a life of abundance and FUN

*Lets live that life!!!!!


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